Resume mistakes could cost you the job

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – A new report from the Society for Human Resource Management said the average employer will look at your resume for five minutes or less.

Elizabeth Mackenzie is retired from her profession, but she told 22News one resume horror story still sticks out in her mind. “It was about twenty-two pages and the personnel thought it was hilarious, of course the person wasn’t hired,” she said.

Experts say you should tailor every resume to the individual company. When listing contact information, steer clear of email addresses that may appear unprofessional.

Another common error job hunters make is listing too much information. All of your information should be in bullet points not paragraphs, and everything should remain on one page.

Elizabeth Mullane, a student at UMass Amherst told 22News she used to spend hours on resumes, but has learned the clearer it is, the more likely a manager will read it. “I usually make it about a page because I’ve been told that’s the length most employers look for. Keep it short so they can see your progress,” she said.

Spelling and grammatical mistakes are among the biggest resume killers. Having another set of eyes proof read your resume could catch errors that could cost you the job

Creativity can be a desirable trait, but Caroline Gould, the assistant director of career services at UMass Amherst said you’re better off sticking to basic fonts, colors, and graphics. “There’s always the wall of shame in almost any resume readers office, and there the ones that are polka dotted, or you know heavily perfumed. Resumes are pretty boring, and they should be,” she said.

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