It is important to plan early where you’ll live after retirement

Nursing home care costs an average of $360 per day

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – A number of middle-age to older workers are focused on saving enough for retirement, but there are other situations many of us need to prepare for.

We need to make preparations in case we become physically or mentally disabled. Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney Karen Jackson told 22News that people over 65 have to utilize Medicare, Medicaid and estate planning.

Nursing home care costs an average of $360 per day. Jackson said, “Almost everybody wants to stay at home, so how can we pay for it?  How can we use the systems in place and the assets available to make that happen?”

Jackson emphasizes the importance of starting your core estate plan earlier in life, so that people can legally shelter assets and maintain their public benefits. Most people will need the help of a lawyer to accomplish this.

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