Avoiding collisions with animals on the road

Animals will cross roads in search of food

(file photo)

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – With winter just around the corner and animals migrating, it can make for a dangerous commute for some drivers. It’s usually an expected event; you’re driving and then all of a sudden, you see an animal on the road.

In fact, that happened Sunday night when a driver hit a moose on I-91 in Deerfield. Everyone inside of that car was fine, but the moose died.

Officer Calin from Greenfield Animal Control told 22News that cars striking large animals like deer or moose are pretty uncommon in western Mass, but they do happen, and that’s why drivers should follow the speed limit.

Eric Jalbert of Shelburne said he tries to be vigilant when driving, especially at night time. He said, “You definitely need to observe the speed limit on the back roads, you know, coming around the corners. They can come up on you real fast, especially at night, coming around these dark roads.”

Officer Calin also said that a lot of times, animals will cross roads in search of food, so just remember to be vigilant.

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