Zombies are making for big business

The Walking Dead has an average of 18-million viewers per episode

Courtesy: CNN

(CNN) – You’re likely to see zombies everywhere for Halloween, but more and more they’re creeping up year-round. Zombies are big business.

Zombie, horror and sci-fi fans descended on Atlanta recently for the second annual Walker Stalker Convention.

James Frazier, Co-Founder of the Walker Stalker Convention, said, “We had six hundred people come together for a party. And I thought well, if we can do a fan meet up. Slowly ticket sales went from 1,000 to 2,000 to 3,000.”

Eric Nordhoff, also a Co-Founder, said, “It’s just a community of people that all have a common bond, a common love for zombies.”

From costumes to custom-made zombie weaponry, vendors had it all for the horror fans.

Nordhoff said, “Over 100 vendors is what we have on average right now. We have a group here called Zombie Go Boom. And they have a huge following on YouTube.”

Zombie Go Boom’s YouTube channel started in 2011. In the first year it had 33- thousand subscribers. Now, it has more than 500-thousand subscribers and more than 52-million views of their channel.

Chuck Mere of Zombie Go Boom said, “We started doing the show by smashing coconuts and they were like you need a skull, you need a zombie head. This is as close as you can get to a zombie head without smashing the real thing.”

The zombie genre in cinema, as well as television, has also grown in the last few years. The movie Zombieland’s overall gross is nearly 76 million dollars. World War Z generated 200-million dollars.

The Walking Dead has an average of 18-million viewers per episode. According to AMC, it’s the most watched drama series in basic cable history.

Zombies and horror genres continue to grow at a feverish pace worldwide, and it’s not just for nerds anymore.

Kyle Crawford of Electric Zombie said, “When I was a kid, like being a nerd was not really cool. And now it’s like flipped flopped. Everyone collectively is a nerd.”

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