Understanding vampire loads

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  Don’t forget about vampire power or phantom loads…no matter what you call it, it’s scary!  Marin Goldstein and Amanda Jacir joined us from the Center for EcoTechnology to share more.

Phantom Load:
Stop losing money

  • We lose money every day to standard items we aren’t even using
  • TVs, DVD players, cable boxes, game consoles use energy and are constantly losing you $$
  • Appliances, e.g. coffee makers, microwaves with clocks are another example of 24/7 energy draws
  • Leaving peripheral plugs (computer speakers, laptop chargers etc) on all day costs you $$
  • Energy INEFFIENT bulbs – incandescents use 75% more power simply to heat your house
  • Average person loses $100 annually and this number is going UP!
  • STOP the loss of energy and $$$ to the phantoms

Slay those vampires sucking your energy: 

  • Unplug things you aren’y using
  • Standard power strip, 6-8 plugs with an on/off switch
  • All outlets are surge protected to varying amounts of amps
  • All outlets have single power switch that you must manually turn on/off
  • Smart strips with power controls that turn off peripherals when the main power user
  • Get a home energy assessment to learn more about your homes
  • By participating in the Mass Save program, as a part of their no-cost Home Energy Assessment, you may be eligible for ISMs (Instant Saving Measures) like a smart power strip, LEDs and CFL light bulbs with the average home gets about 20 bulbs – imagine the savings

Call Mass Save:  866-527-SAVE (7283)

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