Springfield’s 400 Block on Mass. most historic endangered resources

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) –  The 400 block of State Street in Springfield has been listed among the states most historic endangered resources.

The State Street corridor runs 3.2 miles and is a major connector in the city that has about six historical buildings. Preservation Massachusetts put the block on their historic endangered list to raise awareness and more investments into the buildings before they become too blighted to repair.

Most have retail space on the bottom and apartments above but have historical architecture and unique brick work.  Part of this recognition is to assist in applying for grants and to make private owners realize what they have.

“It’s a good place to have these businesses here. And it’s good for the people you know they eat here. You know they do a lot for a lot of people,” Anthony Caballero, of Springfield said.

The building on the corner of Gunn Block at 477 State Street is the oldest commercial building in Springfield that was left vacant.

Develop Springfield recently purchased the building and they hope put a restaurant, pub, or coffee house downstairs and apartments upstairs.

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