Safe trick-or-treating with diabetes in mind

Dark chocolate in particular poses less of a problem

Photo Courtesy: MGNonline/kxln univision 45

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Halloween is a fun holiday for many children, but for some, living with diabetes, it can be an extremely difficult time of year.

After the trick or treating is over, sometimes kids have bags full of candy, and they’re ready to dig in the second they get home. That’s why if your child is living with diabetes, 22News registered dietician Nancy Dell says, “Think Chocolate.”

Dell says, “Chocolate isn’t really sweet, especially if you can find a dark chocolate your child might like, and that would keep your blood sugar more level, versus, something like skittles and smarties, things that are 100% sugar.”

Nancy also says children who are diabetic should eat their candy around the same time when they’ll be most active. That allows them to use that sugar for fuel.

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