Protecting your teeth from needing a dentist visit

Brushing twice a day remains a basic recommendation

(CNN) – Good dental health depends not only with how you treat your teeth, but also what you put in your mouth.

Despite new ways to correct your smile, dentists say a little prevention goes a long way.

With a point and a click, dentists are going digital. Dentist Dr. Thomas Kauffman says, “It’s totally changed the way we operate and practice. We can literally do a crown start to finish in an hour and a half depending upon the type of material that we use.”

That’s because the use of 3D imaging allows dentists to design and create a color-matched crown right in the office. This machine mills the new crown in minutes, while the patient waits.

Kauffman says, “If you come in to me and you’re going on vacation and you broke your front tooth off and you’re leaving in three hours you can leave with a tooth that’s permanent.”

While these advances have reduced the inconvenience and risk of corrective dentistry, the real idea is to avoid having to get a crown.

According to the American Dental Association, foods rich in calcium and foods rich in phosphorus help protect and rebuild tooth enamel. Plus, back to basics, the ADA recommends brushing twice a day with a soft bristle toothbrush.

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