Ebola: Nurse defies quarantine

Nurse Kaci Hickox goes biking

FORT KENT, Maine (NBC News) Ignoring a request that she stay isolated inside her home, nurse Kaci Hickcox rode her bicycle through Fort Kent, Maine Thursday morning, following a path she set out on overnight.

“I have not committed to stay in my house and agreeing to an in-house quarantine that I believe is not scientifically valid,” she told reporters.

State officials say it’s the only way they can make sure their community stays safe, and are said to be seeking a court order now that would force Hickcox to stay inside.

Without mentioning her situation directly, President Obama urged restraint Wednesday, and with ebola survivor Dr. Kent Brantly at his side, called international aid volunteers “heroes.”

“They make huge sacrifices to protect this country that we love, and when they come home, they deserve to be treated properly,” Mr. Obama said.

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