Caught on Camera: Deer vs. Biker

Deer Vs. Biker

(KOB) An Albuquerque, New Mexico man slammed into a deer at 65 miles per hour while riding his motorcycle, and lived to tell the tale.

Nick Knapik was riding on a highway near Pagosa Springs up in Colorado Sunday morning when a buck leaped onto the highway right in front of him.

A camera on another motorcycle right behind him caught the action.

The video clearly shows Knapik’s motorcycle crashing into the deer, with Knapik flying off to the right, and the mangled deer flipping over and over on the highway.

“My first thought was, ‘oh, a deer!'” Knapik said Wednesday morning. “Then, my next thought was, ‘I hope I stop tumbling soon,’ because I tumbled for about 30 to 60 feet, just rolling on the concrete.”

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