Beware: Manhole covers removed from roadways

Southwick police say it appears to be a prank

Image Courtesy: Southwick Police Department

SOUTHWICK, Mass. (WWLP) – Southwick police say that an apparent prank is no laughing matter for drivers. Town police say that on Monday night, manhole covers were removed from two different locations in town; one of which was Feeding Hills Road (Route 57).

With the manhole cover gone, there was a massive hole in the roadway, and at least one driver went through the hole. As you can see from the photo from the Southwick Police, the driver’s tire was blown out. No one was hurt.

“This goes far beyond a Halloween prank,” the department wrote on their official Facebook page. “This kind of malicious act could cause serious bodily injury and/or death, in addition to serious damage to a motor vehicle.”

If you have any information about who is behind the removal of the manhole covers, call Southwick Police at (413) 569-5348; you can leave an anonymous tip by dialing extension 9.

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