Temps in WMass have been too warm to kill insects

Stink bugs, lady bugs and ticks can linger through the cold

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Cold weather kills many flying insects, but has it been cold enough yet this year?

Even though we’ve had some frost, temperatures have still been too warm to kill our pesky insect population. While we’ve dipped below freezing a few times this fall, many flying bugs can survive a dip below freezing as long as it’s brief.

Prolonged cold temperatures slow down the bodily functions of many flying insects, where their muscles can’t work. Insects like mosquitoes can’t even fly with temperatures below 50 degrees. But we need more cold if we’re going to see them go away.

Bob Russell, an entomologist from American Pest Solutions, told 22News, “It’s the daily temperatures rebounding that allow them to be successful. When we get into a situation where daily temperatures stay in the 40s or 30s and overnights are in a frost situation that’s when we will see a significant kill off.”

So far mosquitoes, yellow jackets, flying gnats have all survived, but after this weekend’s cold, Russell expects most flying insects to be gone for the year.

Stink bugs, lady bugs and ticks can linger through the colder longer.

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