Top pet costumes for Halloween

Costumes for pets are a booming sector of Halloween spending.

NEW YORK (CNN) – Playing dress-up means serious business, with Americans expected to spend 2.8 billion dollars on Halloween costumes this year.

It’s not just kids’ outfits like the ninja turtles and frozen flying off shelves at this Walmart store in Chantilly, Virginia.

“We’ve seen a tremendous growth in the pet category over the last few years now, as customers are getting more engaged and involved with their pets in terms of holidays, specifically the Halloween holiday,” store manager Al Oglivey said.

From bananas to superheroes, the business of decking out Fluffy and Fido is booming. This year, Americans will spend $350 million on pet costumes, up almost 60 percent since the first time the national retail federation started tallying in 20-10.

The most popular outfits:

  • a pumpkin
  • a hot dog
  • and a devil

The ASPCA offers some Halloween reminders for the 23 million pet owners expected to dress up their pets:

  • First, don’t put a pet in a costume unless you know they’ll be comfortable wearing it.
  • Make sure the costume is safe, without constricting movement, or the ability to bark, breathe or meow.
  • Try those costumes on for a trial run before the big night, and if pets show signs of allergies, discomfort or distress, reconsider the plan to dress them up.
  • Be sure to keep human Halloween treats away from pets. Candy, especially chocolate, pumpkins, and decorative corn can be dangerous.

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