Right keys, wrong car

A drunk couple tried to get into the wrong car

WESTFIELD, Mass. (The Westfield News) – A couple found by police attempting to enter a locked BMW sedan on Arnold Street early Saturday morning insisted they were doing nothing wrong and merely trying to get into their car with a key which inexplicably wasn’t working.

Officers Megan Bartlett, Francis Gaulin and their supervisor. Sgt. Jeffrey Baillargeon, responded to a 2:09 a.m. complaint Saturday after an Arnold Street resident reported that two persons were banging on the windows of his car trying to gain entry.

Bartlett reports that when police arrived on Arnold Street they found a Southwick Road man and a West Springfield woman trying to get into the car. Bartlett reports that the couple said that they were locked out of their car and the keys were not working.

When officers informed them that the car in question belonged to neither of them they insisted that it did and the man produced a key for a BMW. After a check with the Registry of Motor Vehicles revealed that there was, in fact, a similar BMW sedan registered to the man the couple acknowledged that they were highly inebriated and said that they had mistaken the parked car for the man’s BMW.

The vehicle’s owner examined his car and did not report any damage.

The man’s mother came to Arnold Street and took custody of the intoxicated couple.

No charges were filed.

Media Credit: The Westfield News

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