Program helps contactors understand the new energy code

The code took affect back in July

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – There’s a new energy code for new homes built in Massachusetts called the International Conservation Code. It’s meant to make new homes built in the state more energy efficient.

The code took affect back in July, but some building contractors still don’t completely understand the code or how to comply with it. So the Franklin County Regional Council of Governments in Greenfield is trying to help educate local contractors.

According to James Hawkins of the Franklin County Inspection Program, “Builders in the area don’t really understand the energy code, the new energy code from 2012 that’s coming out. So the purpose of the seminar is to keep them informed about what this new code is.”

The seminar took place Wednesday evening in Greenfield. If you’re a contractor or you simply want to learn more about that new energy code, Click Here.

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