High prize payouts are drawing in more lottery players

$30 instant tickets have a top prize of $15-million

BOSTON (WWLP) – High-priced scratch tickets are very popular with Massachusetts lottery players, and becoming even more popular. So much so that for the first time in seven years, the Lottery is projecting that more players will be cashing in.

Massachusetts Lottery players are shifting away from multi-state jackpot drawings to plunk down their cash for high-priced instant tickets.

Scratch tickets are going for $10, $20 and even $30 are attracting people because of its high prize payout. The $30 “World Class Millions” ticket, introduced last April, has become a big success.

The head of the Lottery Commission, State Treasurer Steven Grossman, said it’s already generated $350-million in revenue. He said, “It’s one of the highest prize payouts in the country and the people who play it know that the opportunities to win significantly are greater so they’ve been flying off the shelves.”

Since more people are buying high-priced instant tickets, the Lottery is expecting to pay out more in prizes this year. For every one dollar spent, players can now expect 72.7 cents back in winnings.

Nearly half of the available $30 scratch tickets have been sold. Treasurer Grossman told 22News he expects them to be all gone by next summer.

These $30 instant tickets have a top prize of $15-million. If you’re feeling lucky, there are still three of those top prizes somewhere out there.

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