Halloween house plants

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Add some fun to your home this year with Halloween House Plants! Shari Petrucci from the Western Mass Masters Gardeners shared some adorable ideas!

Halloween House Plants
This time of year most of us are breaking down our garden beds and getting them ready for a long, winter’s nap. But when Halloween comes around I like to have a little fun with my indoor plants.
Taking some of my existing house plants, I like to place them in decorative containers using bright colors, trick-or-teat pumpkins, and little tiny lights.
For a short while I bring the outdoors in, planting millet in a pot and then placing it in an apple basket and setting near a bright sunny place .It’s a beautiful plant with deep reddish-brown leaves with fuzzy seed heads popping out all over. Sometimes you can even find millet fore sale at your local garden supply store. After the season is over, I place the millet back outside and the birds will have a nibble here and there on the seed heads when food is a rare commodity in the winter.
Another plant I bring indoors is purple and white ornamental cabbage. They are adorable indoors in decorative pots and don’t take up much space as decoration on a dining table.
Another idea is to stroll in meadows and pick the long spikes of seed grasses, tawny leaves, pine cones, and the bright orange-red studded vines of bittersweet for a dry flower arrangement or to decorate a door or mantel.

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