Father caught encouraging his son to beat up another child

Smaller boy required surgery to repair his ankle

AKRON, OH (WOIO) – Two boys, the big kid is 13-years-old and the smaller kid is 12-years-old, start to fight. When the younger boy is slammed to the ground, he shatters his ankle.

The bigger boy continues to punch him. It is what you hear in the background that is unusual. “Slam him again!” The bigger boy’s father, Walter Ganous, is urging him on.

Before the fight, at Roswell Kent Middle School, the bigger boy had threatened to beat up the smaller boy’s younger brother. He refused, so when he got home, the bigger boy’s father packed him in the car and they went looking for a fight.

They spotted their target, pulled into a parking lot, jumped out of the car, and confronted him as he walked by. Ganous is now being charged with child endangering, inciting to violence and complicity to assault.

During the fight, the smaller boy is obviously in pain, yet at the urging of good ole dad keeps going until the mother of the smaller boy arrives. She had to take him to the hospital where it required surgery to repair multiple breaks in his ankle.

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