Casino opponents destroy a slot machine on the State House steps

BOSTON (WWLP) – Those that hope to repeal the state’s gaming law wanted to send a clear message: they are going to smash casinos out of Massachusetts one way or another.

With a hammer in hand, casino opponents took out their frustrations on a slot machine, a device that they say is designed to cheat the ordinary citizen.

“People of Springfield and every other community deserve real opportunity and real hope. A casino represents a business that’s cheating and exploiting people,” said Les Bernal of Stop Predatory Gambling.

In six days, Massachusetts voters will decide whether to repeal or keep the state’s gaming law. Answering Question 3 may confuse some voters.

A “yes” vote means, yes, you would like you eliminate the casino law. A “no” vote means you support casinos opening their doors here, like MGM in Springfield. I spoke with the committee in favor of the gaming law. They believe a project like MGM will bring much needed jobs and entertainment to western Massachusetts.

“It’s a lot more than just gaming. It is, you know, new attractions and restaurants and shows and performances,” said Justine Griffin of the Committee to Protect Mass. Jobs.

The most recent Boston Globe poll shows that out of 500 likely Massachusetts voters, 53 percent want to move forward with casinos and slot parlors. 39 percent support repeal. Election Day is set for this Tuesday, November 4.

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