Turners Falls honors domestic violence victims

TURNERS FALLS, Mass. (WWLP) – In the Franklin County community of Turners Falls a ceremony was held to remember victims of domestic violence.

Some represent agencies that help victims of domestic abuse; others have known women who were victims of abuse.

These concerned citizens gathered at Peskeomskut Park in Turners Falls on Saturday

Lorena Norwood of Montague told 22News the remembrance ceremony should alert people to the widespread seriousness of domestic abuse, “To bring the awareness is essential, we have a really high rate of it and it’s getting increasingly more difficult and the incidents many of them.”

They called out the names of the women who had lost their lives to crimes involving domestic violence.

Ricky Hutchinson of Greenfield said a woman should realize right away if she’s living in an abusive relationship, “You can turn your head away from things that don’t feel right. We can stand up we can say I’m not comfortable with what you just said, I’m not comfortable.”

These protesters against domestic violence assured the women at risk there are agencies and individuals ready to help them once they break away from an abusive relationship.

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