Man damages Ten Commandments, blames Satan

The man said the devil told him to urinate on the Monument

OKLAHOMA (CNN) – A man in Oklahoma drove his car into the Ten Commandments Monument near the State Capitol building on Friday. The monument was nearly six-feet tall and made of granite.

There are also questions about why the incident wasn’t noticed for 12 hours.

“I was just shocked that anybody would be so brazen to come up onto our Capitol grounds and run over a piece of our history of our state,” said Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin. Governor Fallin inspected the area where the crumbled monument used to stand.

A man on a self-described mission from Satan says the devil told him to urinate on the Ten Commandments Monument, before smashing into it with his car. He then walked into the federal building, spit on a picture of Barack Obama and made outlandish threats against the President. Governor Fallin and Capitol officials were left cleaning up the mess.

“Someone despises our nation’s history,” said Oklahoma State Representative Mike Reynolds.

Reynolds says some people are determined to destroy sacred items, “It will just point out the extremes some people will go to, to deny our nation’s heritage.”

It could have been much worse.

“This is alarming that anyone would get this close to the Capitol and would be able to knock down a historical monument just ten feet away from the Capitol building itself,” said Governor Fallin.

Now the question being asked is if the car sat there for more than 12 hours *on* Capitol grounds, what else could security miss?

“I’ve instructed our Capitol grounds highway patrol to do everything they can to make sure the Capitol is secure, to get to the bottom of this and to make recommendations and make sure we’re doing everything we can to protect our people’s building, which is the State Capitol,” said Governor Fallin.

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