Pot bust leads to dog fighting ring

Up to 12 dogs lived a lifetime of abuse and cruelty

BREVARD COUNTY, FL (WESH) – Florida deputies looking for pot say they found something much worse, a dozen dogs shaking and chained next to a makeshift ring with blood.

Clearly terrified of people, up to 12 dogs lived a lifetime of abuse and cruelty, thrown into a ring to fight to the death. “They have their training leashes on them which are very heavy weighted down chains that makes the dog stronger,” said Sheriff Wayne Ivey.

Siricia Mitchell is suspected of holding dog fights in a small building on the property. The fighting ring is splashed with blood. Back in 2003, Mitchell was charged with 18 counts of animal cruelty; records show he was found guilty of two. He was also arrested in 2007 for battery on a law enforcement officer and agents found a half-dozen pounds of marijuana.

“I will tell you anything that we can work with our state attorney to put criminal charges on, for the narcotics, for the dog fighting, for the conditions of the dogs, we’re gonna load the wagon,” Sherriff Ivey continued.

“He had 41 pit bulls, I guess about 04,” Glenn Cole lives across the road but says he hasn’t seen anything wrong lately, “There’s no dog fights. I mean, I would have heard it.”

Other neighbors say they’ve seen dead pit bulls disposed of in the swampy, alligator-filled canals nearby. Authorities never suspected the dog fighting. They were here because of the marijuana. The condition of the abused dogs, pathetic and miserable, told a clear story and agents are well aware of Mitchell’s past record.

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