Demand rising for WMass in-home care providers

More and more families are turning to in-home care for their relatives

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – The number of people in need of assisted living is on the rise, especially here in western Massachusetts. 22News has important information when it comes to finding the best care for your loved ones.

“What do I need? Where do I start? I’m completely lost.”

Those are just some of the thousands of questions that could run through your mind, when you find an elderly relative is need of home care. Figuring out what your options are can be overwhelming.

“We try to talk to families. We try to deescalate the situation,” said Danielle Lord. “We try to help them work through it and take away the stress.”

O’Connell Care at Home is based in Holyoke, and they say right now, more and more families are turning to in-home care for their relatives. That’s why Saturday they held a recruitment fair, to find more home care workers to help local families

Shane Saunders from O’Connell Home Care said, “I think the trend is moving more and more towards homecare every year. There’s definitely an uptick in the demand.”

If you were to turn age 65 today there’s a 70% chance you’d need some type of long-term care service in the future. That’s according to the website.

One woman, who applied for a health care aid position with O’Connells on Saturday, told 22News the transition for older adults who are now in need of care can be tough.

“Especially with older people I think they’ve become so independent, to lose some of that independence and to need help is hard,” said Merrilee Riopelli of Holyoke.

In many cases, the need for home care develops gradually, so it can be difficult to know if and when someone is in need of assistance. Some key signs include: memory loss, declining ability to wash and get dressed, or noticing a lot of unopened mail or unpaid bills.

For more signs to determine if someone is in need of assistance, and to learn what options you have, click here.

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