Comedian Gerald Kelly talks to teens about their future in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Nationally known entertainer Gerald Kelly came to Springfield Saturday on a mission to stop teenagers from murdering each other. Kelly travels the country trying to discourage young people from resorting to gun violence.

Kelly held workshops at Springfield College with teenagers from Springfield’s inner city. He described gun violence as a national problem. Kelly told 22News he’s trying to be a role model for teens at risk of making the wrong choices.

“I never picked up a gun, I never shot anyone, I don’t use drugs, I never drink or smoked weed, I’ve never been in jail and I’m still cool and I’m from the same place that they’re from,” said Kelly.

He told his Springfield audience that young people, regardless of the neighborhood they come from, can achieve what he’s achieved if they dedicate themselves to their futures.

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