ShopSmart dishes on best and worst coffees

YONKERS, NY. (Mass Appeal) – For many of us, the day doesn’t truly begin until we’ve had a cup of coffee. When it comes to flavor, big names and supermarket standbys don’t always deliver according to ShopSmart’s latest taste-tests coffee. Deputy Editor Sue Perry shared the best and worst coffee finds!

Smart Pick: Allegro Organic Continental Blend, $12 per package; 28 cents per cup. A darker roast with a bold flavor – had the lowest cost per cup among the whole-bean Smart Picks.
Where to find it: Whole Foods Markets.

Starbucks House Blend,
$10.80 per package; 25 cents per cup. The overall flavor is strong, with hints of chocolate and fruit.

Not So Hot: Folgers Gourmet Selections Classic Roast. The blah flavor and grainy notes of this pod blend put it dead last in ShopSmart’s taste tests.

Not So Hot: Maxwell House Original Roast. Along with the other ground coffees that scored at the bottom of the list, this brew tended to be flat and lack the complexity of the higher-rated Smart Picks.

Peet’s House Blend,
$8.58 per package; 85 cents per cup. A darker roast with some sweetness, it has a fuller body than other pods sampled.

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