Holiday hacking fears

holiday hacking

(NBC News) Target, Home Depot, Staples and Neiman Marcus are some of the biggest names in retail are now off the shopping list for many this upcoming holiday season.

“Nearly half of American credit card and debit card holders say that they’re likely to avoid these stores that have been hit by data breaches in the past year,” says Matt Schulz, a senior analyst with

According to 45-percent of shoppers are likely to avoid stores that have been hit by hackers.

“We’ve been hit with headlines about these data breaches it seems like on a weekly or daily basis so its understandable that people would be a little nervous,” Schulz says.

Nerves that now have just one-in-eight saying they’ll shop with a credit card.

“Frankly the most secure way to shop is with cash,” notes’s Trae Bodge, and so if you are in store and paying by cash you obviously don’t have to worry about anything.”

If you have to use a card, experts say to make it a credit card.

“Credit is defiantly the way to go because of the consumer protections that come along with it,” Shulz advises.

One silver lining for those retailers hit back hackers this past year: The survey also found that higher income shoppers still plan to visit the stores regardless of their past data breaches.

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