“Kill The Messenger”

Rated R

2 hours

Jeremy Renner, Rosemary DeWitt, Oliver Platt, Andy Garcia

I’m afraid the CIA just can’t help being Hollywood’s favorite villain or at least whipping boy.

“Kill The Messenger” tells the intriguing story of a crusading reporter exposing the CIA’s involvement with cocaine smuggling.

Jeremy Renner gives his typically hard hitting performance irritating the cloak and dagger boys.

The CIA’s not going to scare off this dedicated journalist. “Kill The Messenger”, a true story, follows events with typical melodramatic fervor, as we’ve learned to enjoy since the first motion pictures started bashing the agency.

What could be more typical than Renner’s boss, Oliver Platt scared silly, too terrified to take on the CIA?

“Kill The Messenger” uses plenty of documentary footage for that authentic look. But does the CIA really have to threaten Renner, when the agency’s got the power to simply discredit the hot shot reporter?

He’s in way over his head, especially when he tries wrapping his head around the enormous size of the smuggling operation.

“Kill The Messenger” is an exciting expose thriller as far as it goes. The script could have injected a few darker overtones to the drug trafficking, that was designed to finance the CIA’s Latin American


“Kill The Messenger” sends the message the film is satisfied with 3 stars.

Which isn’t quite strong enough to survive the onslaught of the upcoming holiday season blockbusters.

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