Yale students protest government’s Ebola response

Yale students protest government’s Ebola response

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– The preliminary tests on the Yale doctoral patient came back late Thursday afternoon after a day of heightened concerns at Yale-New Haven hospital. Test results showed he does not have the virus. But now Yale students are speaking out calling for more to be done to stop Ebola at its point of origin.

Students say they want the president and our government to focus more on what’s going on in West Africa. They argue that while the virus has only impacted a few people in the US, there are thousands of victims overseas.

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The Yale students are sounding off about the issue that’s getting world-wide attention, after the scare that took place Thursday in New Haven after a Yale researcher went to the hospital with flu-like symptoms after a recent trip to West Africa.

“If we can garner that much of a response for just one single case, why is it we can’t garner that much response for the thousands of cases we are seeing in Africa right now,” said Samantha Greissman, Yale Student.

Students with the “Yale Global Health and Aids Coalition” staged a demonstration right outside the Yale School of Public Health. The turn out was less than they expected with only a few people. Their goal is urging the US government to strengthen it’s response in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

“It’s important for us not to forget that there are really weak health systems in Africa so while we are not so concerned about Ebola here, it can spread so rapidly in Africa,” said Emily Briskin, Yale Student.

That’s why they are calling on the president to do more.

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“We really applaud him for sending over troops and money but we want him to send more medical personnel to assist the medical people already over there,” said Briskin.

And while people feel that there certainly needs to be a focus in West Africa to contain the outbreak, there are others who say the main focus needs to be right here in the United States to make sure no one else with Ebola is able to get into the country.

That’s why many Americans and politicians are calling for travel restrictions, basically banning flights from the Ebola-stricken countries.

“As much as that should be one of our priorities, it shouldn’t be our only priority,” said Greissman.

Health officials say flight restrictions would prevent medical supplies from getting into West Africa but it also wouldn’t stop people from getting into the US. Officials say the 42-year-old Liberian man, who died in Texas last week, flew from Liberia to Belgium, then boarded a flight to Washington DC before he flew to Dallas.

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