Woman charged with faking cancer for money

Strub is facing theft charges in two counties

Courtesy: CNN

WISCONSIN (CNN) – Police say a Wisconsin woman made thousands of dollars by pretending to have cancer.

Sauk County Sheriff Chip Meister said, “We started to find some things that just didn’t add up.”

Sheriff Meister says in July of last year Theresa Strub began telling friends, family, and good Samaritans around town that she had cancer. In the next eight months, roughly 60-thousand in donations poured in.

Meister said, “The reports that we have is that her family, including her husband, actually believed her.”

The sheriff says Strub claimed to be seeing two doctors for treatment, which she described in detail, but the sheriff says it was all a scheme. After an eight month investigation that began in February, Strub was booked and officially charged on Wednesday.

Courtney Lufkin, who donated money, said, “It makes us feel like we were being taken advantage of and used.”

Several people in the town of Lone Rock, where Theresa Strub lived at the time of the alleged scheme, said they saw her asking for donations around town. In fact, it happened right here at one particular gas station.

Lufkin said, “She came in here everyday. Everyday, to get a Mountain Dew soda.”

Lufkin used to work there and says Strub would often tell the staff about how she was losing her hair. She said, “You couldn’t see it falling out.”

She says Strub also brought in special containers for collecting donations which she said would go towards cancer treatment. “She actually had two set up at our register and then she put some in the bar, they had a bar connected to it.”

Strub is facing theft charges in Sauk and Richland counties. She’s currently out on bond.

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