TSA: No toy weapons allowed in luggage

TSA warns about bringing Halloween props on airplanes.

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP)– Federal airline transportation officials are urging travelers to be mindful of what they pack this Halloween season.

If you will be traveling with your Halloween costume, you are going to run into some problems if you pack anything resembling a weapon even if it is a plastic toy.

The TSA is warning against bringing any of the following in your luggage, both checked and carry-on.

Any props resembling grenades or other explosives, axes, pitchforks, swords, knives, guns or anything that looks like a weapon of some kind.

The TSA warn that even if it is a toy and made out of plastic, if it just looks like it could be a weapon they will be treating it like the real thing which often leads to delayed flights and luggage.

For details on other TSA security guidelines click here.

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