Repeal the Casino Deal campaign stickers put on meters

Rules regarding campaign materials and parking meters

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Drivers may have noticed casino campaign signs in front of people’s homes, businesses, and even on parking meters in downtown Springfield.

Around 4 o’clock Friday, 22News checked with Mayor’s Communication Director Jim Leydon and Parking Authority’s Executive Director Mary McNally, and found out placing any type of stickers on parking meters is a violation of the city ordinance.

Then, after reporter Yoojin Cho aired the story on 22News at 5:00 p.m., cleaning crews came out to Court Street to remove those stickers.

In Springfield, the Springfield Parking Authority manages and maintains these meters. The City of Springfield owns the meters. So, because the meters are public property, nobody is allowed to place any type of stickers on them.

McNally said, “I would say that it would be considered by the Parking Authority to be defacement of public property. We are more concerned with making sure that they are maintained, in good conditions and are not defaced.”

The management company that the Parking Authority has a contract with, is in charge of making sure the meters are well-maintained, and they submit the expense to the city.

“They have staff on their payroll so depending on what they spend each month those are all under their budget that’s submitted annually and those are passed to the City of Springfield,” said McNally.

The stickers were ‘Yes on 3,’ Repeal the Casino Deal campaign stickers. Al Cabot from Repeal the Casino Deal told 22News his campaign did not place any of these stickers on parking meters, and he doesn’t know who did. Cabot added that he always reminds volunteers that you cannot place campaign materials on public property.

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