Vatican meeting may change church’s stance on gays

Conference of Bishops to discuss issues effecting Catholic families

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The meeting is called the Synod on the Family, and bishops are debating how the church should view everything from homosexuality to divorce.

Pope Francis asked the bishops to speak freely about these issues, and they are: on Monday, a summary of their discussions suggested acceptance of homosexuals.

That’s something the gay community has praised, but more conservative bishops say they are concerned about how this could change traditional church doctrine.

“This is just ‘say what’s in your heart’ and that seems to be working,” Monseigneur John Bonzagni told 22News, “and that can only be a good thing; whether you’re conservative or liberal. It’s like a healthy family: if everybody’s talking, it’s a good thing.”

Bonzagni also said that there’s a meeting of Catholic law professionals discussing when the church will allow divorced Catholics to receive Holy Communion.

He added that this is just a week of conversations; conclusions from this conference will be discussed again at the full synod scheduled for next year.

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