Too old for FaceTime?

Anna Stoehr

PLAINVILLE, Minnesota (KARE) When Anna Stoehr recently created her Facebook page, she did what many youngsters have done to bypass age requirements.

Anna lied about her date of birth. She said she was 99-years-old, after her actual age bounced back as invalid.

Such is the burden on woman about to celebrate her 114th birthday.

“You betcha,” laughs Anna, giddy as an early 20th century school girl.

Minnesota’s oldest resident is not only excited, she’s wired – literally. For that she can thank her new friendship with a Verizon sales rep named Joseph Ramireza.

The relationship between Joseph and Anna began back in August, when Anna’s son Harlan Stoehr purchased his first smart phone from Joseph, an employee at St. Francis Wireless Zone.

“I just sold him the iPhone and he was talking about his mother and I realized Harlan was 85-years-young and I was just astounded,” recalled Joseph.

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