More troops deployed to fight Ebola outbreak

CDC continues to try and contain the virus

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Another 100 U.S. Troops Arrived in Liberia Tuesday. Their mission is to fight the Ebola outbreak. However, it seems some western Massachusetts residents say they’re not so sure sending troops is the right idea.

These 100 soldiers are just the first of thousands who will eventually deploy to West Africa. “They’re not only putting their lives in danger but their putting their families and friends. And when they return to their bases, they’re going to put other bases or people in danger,” said Mary Sadlowski, a U.S. Navy Retiree.

The Department of Defense said three mobile Ebola testing labs are up and running right now. And the three techs manning each lab will be the only troops to have direct contact with Ebloa samples.

“My concern is when people are dying from it. In unsanitary impoverished countries,” said Adrian Appleman.  “I think we should send volunteers there. We’ve built up such a great military, we should use it for the right reasons.”

Eventually, up to 4,000 troops are expected to be deployed to West African countries battling the Ebola outbreak.Tuesday, a solider detailed their mission.

“Setting up warehouses to make sure that all the stuff doctors need gets to the country, to build some of the facilities they need to treat the patients,” said Captain Alex Willard, originally based in Fort Campbell Kentucky.

The World Health Organization also released new information Tuesday. They’re estimating in this current outbreak, the death rate of those infected with Ebola has risen to 70%. That’s up from the initial 50% death rate that was reported at the start of this outbreak.

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