The Better Business Bureau urges consumers to ‘think before you purchase pink’

WORCESTER, Mass (WWLP) – Many businesses are selling “pink” products and services to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month; Better Business Bureau is advising consumers to research pink product claims before making a purchase.

Every year, scammers pose as charitable organizations, but never end up donating your money to breast cancer awareness. The pink ribbon symbol isn’t regulated and doesn’t promise any donations will go to breast cancer research or charities. Some products have a pink ribbon in order to point out the company supports breast cancer programs, even if the company’s contributions are not donated to a specific charity or organization.

In the past, companies have indicated that a part of the proceeds from the sale of a pink ribbon product will go to support breast cancer programs, but put a “cap” on their maximum donation. Once they’ve reached their “cap” donation, the company can continue to sell the product with the pink ribbon without telling customers that the money they’re donating may not be given to a breast cancer organization.

Other companies will sell pink products, but only a portion of the sale price goes directly to the charity the business is supporting.

BBB says the majority of companies that sell pink products from breast cancer organizations are trustworthy, consumers should double check before handing over their money. You can do this by asking questions to find out what percentage of the sale price will be donated, which charity will receive the money, and how that charity plans on using the funds they’re given.

You can also research the business to learn more about who you’re purchasing from. You can do this by checking their BBB business review. Many national breast cancer charities list corporate partners and sponsors on their website; you can research their partners to make sure the business is associated with a breast cancer charity.

Or, you can find a charity you trust and make a donation directly. If you choose to donate online, BBB says you should print the confirmation page for your records, many donations are tax-deductible.

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