Southwick Police host Citizen Police Academy

Students will ride along and even visit a shooting range

SOUTHWICK, Mass. (WWLP) – Two dozen Southwick residents are getting an up close lesson in police work while developing a positive relationship with the men and women who protect their neighborhoods.

Tuesday night marked the first night of 8 classes of the Southwick Citizen Police Academy. During the course, students will see a diving recovery demonstration, participate in a police ride-along in a cruiser, and even spend some time at the shooting range. The goal is developing relationships between police and a better-informed public.

“It’s a great tool. It truly is,” said Southwick Police Sgt. Kirk Sanders, who’s in charge of Community Policing. “…especially when you see what’s going on out in Missourri/Saint louis, around that area. All the bad things you’re hearing that’s going on. This is a positive. It has a positive effect on the people, who enjoy it.”

The course consists of 8 classes with a graduation ceremony held at Town Hall on the 9th week. This is Southwick’s 17th Citizen Police Academy since 1996.

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