Pigs escape from pig-pen in Wilbraham

WILBRAHAM, Mass. (WWLP) – Two large, full-grown pigs escaped from their pig-pen at around 10:30 Tuesday morning, and were caught digging through a neighbors front yard on Tinkham Rd. in Wilbraham.

Eric Viens spotted the pigs digging up his front yard and told 22News with the help of Wilbraham Police, they were able to corner the pigs and herd them back into their pen. “I heard that the pigs had gotten out again and I came out and they were tearing up the yard, doing what pigs do. I decided to give a hand and try to get them back where they belong,” he said.

Viens front lawn is dug up, but he says he’s not angry at the owner, or the pigs. “Nobody’s hurt, no crying, no blood, pigs are happy, and the animal are back where they belong,” he laughed.

This isn’t the first time the two pigs have escaped from home.

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