Questions voters will encounter on November ballot

Photo Courtesy: MGNonline

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)- There are 4 questions on next month’s election ballots and most western Massachusetts voters  22News spoke with have strong opinions on each one.

Wednesday is the final day to register to vote. Change your voting address or party affiliation, with state elections coming up in less than three weeks. Absentee ballots are already available.

Here are the questions you’ll find on the ballot November 4th.
Question 1– Asks if you want to eliminate the state’s Gas tax indexing system.
This would stop the tax from being “automatically” adjusted every year, based on the Consumer Price Index.
Question 2– Asks if you want to expand the bottle bill, imposing a deposit on bottled water, energy drinks and juice.
Question 3– Asks if you want to repeal the Gaming law.

A YES vote means you’re voting NO to casinos. It can be kind of confusing as well as controversial.

“I mean not really, because why are we going to need to have casinos so they can get more crazy in Springfield. No I don’t think so I’m not going to vote for that,” Lydia Pacheco, of Chicopee said.

Question 4– Asks if the state should require most companies to offer earned sick time to employees.

“All of them are very good they need it in Springfield. They need it in Mass. The sick time. The bottle redemption and the casinos,” Corrie Wilson, of Springfield, said.

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