Mass. video game developer gets death threats

Threats came through a twitter account: "Death to Briana"

NEW YORK (CNN) – It’s not all fun and games in the online gaming world, where it appears that sexism is rife.

“Gamergate,” a movement billed by some as a fight for game journalism ethics, has been used by others to target women in the industry.

Last weekend, a woman was forced out of her home, and believed to be the third woman who has needed to go into hiding.

There are scenes in video games that make many women in the gaming industry feel that female characters are all too often represented as sex objects.

Gaming developer, Brianna Wu, has been outspoken against her industry’s depiction of women on screen. As a result, now she says she and her husband had to flee their home this weekend, because of threats made against her on twitter.

“I got these detailed death threats these very, very detailed death threats, which promised to castrate my husband, to murder me…I do genuinely believe my life is in danger,” said Wu.

The threats came through a twitter account using the name “Death to Briana,” tweeting out Brianna’s home address, and threatening to sexually assault and then murder her.

Twitter has suspended the account and police in Massachusetts told CNN they’re working to identify whoever is behind the messages.

Similar to the tech industry, the gaming workforce is currently made up of 76% males and just 22% females. Wu said, “You have players which are taking in these unconscious messages: women are not welcome here. This is our turf this is our space and that’s why we have such a hostile culture towards women.”

Other women speaking out online have also been met with attacks via social media using the hashtag #gamegate.

Despite the threats, Wu said she will keep fighting to improve the video game industry. “I am not get bullied out of this industry by some people that are this threatened by women who just want to sit here and make videos games. It is ridiculous.”

She intends to keep producing her own video games with female characters truly at the forefront.

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