Hostess robbed by guests while in the bathroom

WESTFIELD, Mass. (The Westfield News) – A city woman who invited two new friends home after the bar closed later found herself trapped in her own bathroom while her guests stole her valuables. A School Street resident called police at 3:59 a.m. Friday to report that she had been robbed.

When Officers Christopher Coach and Jared Rowe responded to the woman’s apartment she told them that she had met two black men, both aged 25-30, in a bar and invited them back to her new apartment to drink and “hang out”.

After the men drove her to her home, the woman said, they spent time talking and, at one point she left the men alone while she went to the bathroom. The woman acknowledged that she was very intoxicated.

She told Coach that when she exited the bathroom she saw that the men had taken a suitcase from a closet and they were rummaging through the contents. She said that she had recently moved into the apartment and had not fully unpacked.

Coach reports that the victim said that, when she started to yell at the men, one of them hustled her back into the bathroom and then held the door shut.

Trapped in the bathroom, the intoxicated woman emerged only after the men had left to find her television set and a video game system were missing.

No suspects were found in the area and the woman could not describe the car they were using. She said that she called police 15-30 minutes after she got out of the bathroom.

Coach reports that the victim spent the rest of the night with a relative.

The case was assigned to the Detective Bureau.

Capt. Michael McCabe said that this type of robbery “is not as incredibly unusual as you might think” and added “there are ways of investigating it.”

Media Credit: The Westfield News

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