Companies paying for female employees to freeze their eggs

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Facebook now covers the cost for female employees to freeze their eggs, and Apple will start offering this service in January.

The idea is to help women in these companies with their family planning through eliminating the risk of compromising their work. That way, women can still have the career they want and the family they want. Facebook and Apple are the first major employers to offer this coverage for non-medical reasons.

Nicole Crouch of Northampton told 22News the offer almost sounds too good to be true, “It seems like if they’re going to give me something that’s really generous, and expensive to do this thing for me, then I feel like they would want something in return,” she said.

Anna Tom of Amherst thinks the companies should go much further, “I feel that if they really cared and wanted to show initiative, they would put their employees first and give them a break, give them maternity leave and let them come back,” she said.

Apple covers costs under its fertility benefit, and Facebook under its surrogacy benefit. Freezing eggs cost up to 10-thousand dollars per round, and 500-dollars each year for storage.

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