Caught on Camera: Pumpkin Snatcher

pumpkin thief

FEDERAL WAY, Washington (KING) For the Kim family of Federal Way, Washington taking the trip to Spooner Farms is part of an annual tradition.

“We just wanted to make it a family thing, go every year and pick the pumpkin there,” said Jin Kim.

And that’s where the Kim family found the perfect one. 7-year-old Tyler Kim proudly picked the 45-pounder himself. The great pumpkin sat in all its glory on the front doorstep, until last weekend

“We had the pumpkin, and it went gone,” said Tyler.

When they noticed it was missing, dad checked his new camera surveillance system. That’s when he sees that Friday night, at 9:30 p.m., a car pulls up to the house. And an apparition darts between the cars in the driveway.

It’s no ghost, but a thief apparently dressed in white clothing, who tiptoes up and grabs the gourd off the doorstep, then spirits away with their prized pumpkin.

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