Brother keeps Powerball promise

lotto split

BEND, Oregon (KTVZ) October 3rd was a pretty average day for one of Powerball’s regulars, until 45-year-old Eric Hale of Bend, Oregon realized he won.

Hale is counting his blessings with $1 million prize.

“I’ve always joked around, ‘When I win the lottery,’ what I’d do in life and things, and you always think, ‘Well I could win,'” he said. “But to actually do it is still shocking to me right now.”

That shock quickly doubled when Hale called his brother in Yakima, Washington.

“I was like, ‘Are you sitting down? Guess what? We won a million dollars.!’

That’s right. The man who only works part-time handing out samples has already given half the money to his brother, Quinn.

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