Why honeycrisp apples are so expensive

University of Minnesota owns the patent to honeycrisp apple trees

(NBC) – It is surprising they don’t have guards stationed nearby, because inside this giant storage area are bins of gold, – a.k.a. honeycrisp apples.

By the time this room is filled, says Nick Schweitzer of the orchard that bears his family name there will be about 1 million pounds of apples all in a specially designed, climate controlled environment.

The market doesn’t just need them, it demands them. People, love honeycrisp. But that’s not the only reason they fetch a premium price. It starts with the tree. A dollar royalty for each one, make the check payable to the University of Minnesota. It owns the patent.

And those trees are weak. They need a trellis to hold them up. The apples themselves are thin skinned, so you have to pick them slow and what’s more, the stem has to cut off by hand. Otherwise, it could put a hole in the fruit.

To top it all off, the apples don’t ripen at the same time. So they have to be picked on three different dates. Turns out honeycrisp, are a bit prissy.

The whole gentle operation is overseen by 28 year old Nick Schweitzer. A 5th generation grower on the precipice of taking full control from his dad. He turned down a job at Hershey, instead to work 80 hour weeks in the field. he apple don’t fall far they say.

Unless it’s an honeycrisp, cause if it falls, it’s going to bruise.

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