Snapchat photos made public on the Internet

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Snapchat users send pictures and videos that last only seconds. Earlier this week, thousands of images sent on Snapchat were compromised by a third party site, and users like Elijah Spirow say they’re not surprised.

“I’ve heard 200 thousand photos were compromised or something like that. I think though, if you’re willing to use a third party site like that you kind of had it coming,” he said.

The hackers leaked the photos on the Internet. Half of Snapchat’s users are 13-17 years old, raising a concern that the collection could include child pornography.

Under Snapchat’s terms of use, the app warns against going through any third party app to save or download photos that are meant to disappear within seconds. A snapchat spokeswoman is denying their servers were breached, blaming the leaked photos on.

“Snapsave” is a third party website that allows users to save the photos they receive from snapchat. “Snapsave” posted a Facebook status this week, admitting the site was hacked.

Mark Wyneburg, the owner of Yes Computers told 22News how you can make sure your pictures aren’t victim to a security breach.  “Their internet and your iOS devices are not completely secure or safe, when you share information, it’s going through the wireless environment and it’s possible for other people to see it. You should have self concern with what you’re sending out there and you’ll have no problems,” he said.

Last Janurary, emails and phone numbers were stolen in a Snapchat security breach.

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