Patrick: Health Connector website $26M over budget

Health Connector website $26M over budget

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Governor Deval Patrick said the cost of health care for the 400,000 people who’ve been added to the state health plan is within budget, but he couldn’t say the same for the state’s Health Connector website.

In Springfield for a Martha Coakley campaign event Monday, Governor Patrick was trying to set the record straight regarding the state’s spending on the mandatory health insurance coverage, and the troubled website where residents can sign up for coverage.

After the campaign event, he posed for photographs with constituents, and told 22News, “The budget for health care is sound.” However, he could not say the same thing about the budget for the Health Connector website.

“The budget for the website itself is over budget. It’s about $26 million dollars more than the state (has) to spend to get a fully functioning website, and we expect to have that fully functional website in time for open enrollment in November,” Patrick said.

Patrick told 22News the state has not yet spent the original budget for the 400,000 people added to state health care. He said they are spending on so-called “temporary coverage,” rather than on their “ultimate coverage.”

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