How to trim those extra bank fees

While relatively low, extra fees can add up quickly

(CNN) – It may only be a few dollars per month, but over the course of time, those little extra bank fees can add up.

An annual survey from Bankrate recently found that the fees consumers pay to use an ATM that’s out of their network climbed another 5 percent over last year.

On average, a customer will pay a $2.77 surcharge to another bank to use their ATM, plus an average of $1.58 to their own bank for a total of $4.35 per transaction.

That may not seem like a lot of money, but really think about how many times per year you do it. For many consumers, those fees can quickly add up.

One way to try to avoid them, download your bank’s app, which will likely have a function that maps out the branches and ATMs in your network, even when you’re far from home.

Try to skip the ATM if you can’t find a bank branch close by. Make a debit purchase at a grocery store or other retailer and select the cash back option.

Plan cash spending carefully. That may also trim spending overall. Bankrate says consumers typically spend less when relying on cash than their debit care.

Planning can also avoid another banking fee on the rise, overdraft fees, which climbed to an average of $32.74 in the Bankrate survey.

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