Gas prices keep falling in western Mass.

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It turns out that gas prices are on the decline in western Massachusetts.  All you have to do is drive past a few gas stations in the area and you may notices gas prices are falling.

In fact, the average price of gas in Massachusetts is currently 3 dollars and 28 cents. That’s about 10 cents more than the national average.

People have been rushing to the pumps to take advantage of these prices while they last and it turns out that some local businesses that make deliveries are also enjoying lower gas prices.

I spoke with the owner of a local Indian restaurant here in Greenfield and he told me lower gas prices gives him peace of mind.

“I had a delivery yesterday to Vermont and it’s about 60 miles from here and it really helped when I checked the prices from here and there and I was comfortable and I drove without any tension,” said Madan Rathore, owner of The Clay Oven.

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