Everyone on high alert in Mass. due to Ebola

Five passengers at Logan Airport were tested for Ebola

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CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – There was an Ebola scare at Logan International Airport in Boston on Monday when five passengers on an incoming flight showed signs of the virus. 22News spoke with McKenzie Ridings, who works for the Boston Public Health Commission. She confirmed the passengers do not have Ebola.

Emergency crews in hazmat suits surrounded the plane arriving from Dubai at Logan Airport. It’s the latest U.S. Ebola scare as five airplane passengers all reported being sick with flu like symptoms.

“People are going to be afraid about every little thing, especially any symptom that’s flu-like. Any sneeze, any cough, everybody around that person is going to be freaking out,” said Michael Stone of Springfield.

One passenger reportedly told her husband the man sitting behind her was coughing for the entire flight, and was taken off in a medical containment suit.

The fear of Ebola is growing, especially in Massachusetts. Aside from Monday’s scare at Logan Airport, on Sunday a patient was rushed from Braintree to a Boston hospital after showing symptoms of the virus.

Again, at this time, there are no confirmed Ebola cases. The Boston Health Commission said they are taking these measures at our airports as extra precaution. However, for some residents, its instilled a fear of flying.

“It’s prudent that people consider what the risks are, compared with the benefits, and for me, the risk is greater to fly than it would be the benefit,” said Marjorie Davis of West Springfield.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns, after the virus was transmitted to a nurse from an Ebola patient in Dallas, “It is possible in the coming days that we will see additional cases of Ebola.”

NBC News has identified Nina Pham as the nurse who contracted Ebola at a Dallas hospital. Pham cared for Thomas Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.  Duncan was the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S. He died last week. The CDC said Pham’s infection is the result of a breach in protocol.

One resident told 22News he’s not going to let the threat of Ebola stop him from seeing the world. “I still don’t think it’s something you should be scared of; as far as you’re traveling plans go. You know you got to enjoy your life and have fun,” said Matthew Hood of Springfield.

City health officials said Monday, Boston has seen three or four possible cases of Ebola since the latest outbreak, but they have all turned out to be other illnesses.

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