Akesso shoes at Shoenique in Longmeadow

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Akesso shoes are trendy, comfortable and designed for safety and are available at Shoenique in Longmeadow. Owner Kevin Lennon joined us to share more.

You can learn more about this line by visiting Shoenique Shoes at 714 Bliss Road in Longmeadow. You can also Call (413) 565-2625 or visit Shoenique-Shoes.com.

About Shoenique:

Akesso shoes at Shoenique in Longmeadow 2OUR GOAL is to provide the modern woman with fashion comfort footwear that not only looks good but is comfortable. Shoes that match your lifestyle, from a corporate meeting to chasing the kids on a playground!

We represent some of the finest shoes from Europe and around the world in a variety of price ranges. Why EUROPEAN SHOES? Walking in Europe is still an everyday part of their lives and culture. Europeans still take pride in the fine art of shoe manufacturing. They use the best material and construction, matched with successful designs.

The staff at Shoenique are trained in the mechanics of the foot and are able to identify foot problems and take the correct course of action to make you more comfortable with your particular foot problem.
The foot is a very complex machine. All the bones, ligaments, tendons and nerves must work together to propel us forward, backwards, up and sometimes down.

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